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Eric Heimbold is an award-winning American/Swedish writer/director/dp whose work includes original films, television commercials, music videos and corporate films for national and global brands.

As a youth, Eric traveled the world as a commercial seaman for a Norwegian tanker firm. He also worked in Russia documenting Perestroika and the fall of communism. His unique world-view, good humor, and finely honed skills as a filmmaker make him an internationally sought after collaborator in commercial filmmaking and ideation.

Highlights of Eric’s original idea and directorial work include:

  • His original film, BLIND SUSHI, 2016, Nominated Best Documentary,  2018 James Beard Foundation Media Awards.
  • Winner of the 2016 American International Independent Film Awards.                                          
  • Best of Fest,  2017 American Documentary Awards
  • Best Documentary Short,  2017 Arizona International Film Festival.                                        
  • Best Connecticut Short,  2017 Greenwich International film Festival, Audience Award Winner, 2017 Woods Hole Film Festival.                   
  • His Doritos POWER OF THE CRUNCH was named by CBS as one of the Top 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of the Decade.
  • His original Centrum Silver STRIP POKER, and Doritos POWER OF THE CRUNCH commercials were named by TBS as the funniest commercials of all time.
  • His Music videos,  WHO LET THE DOGS OUT by The Baha Men and JUMP JIVE N WAIL by The Brian Setzer Orchestra exploded both bands beyond triple-platinum.
  • WHO LET THE DOGS OUT is one of the highest selling singles of the decade, according to Wikipedia,, with more that 22 million views on Youtube.
  • JUMP JIVE N WAIL won the BOB FOSSE AWARD for best dance in a music video, and it was nominated for a VH1 FASHION AWARD.  It was also the only music video to be number one on MTV, VH1 and the Country Music Channel at the same time.
  • His music video AŞK GITTI BIZDEN for Tarkan, the megastar of the Middle East, has 22.5 million views on Youtube.
  • He created the AMERICAN IDOL/FORD MUSIC VIDEO, and wrote and directed videos for SEASON 2, 4 and,5.  The campaign is considered one of the most successful network branding campaigns of all time.  The videos generated massive sales for FORD MOTOR CO.  By season 5, the show had 40 million viewers and earned $883.7 million dollars in one year, according to Forbes Magazine.
  • Eric was a part of the Broadway renaissance. He wrote and directed commercials for several of Broadway’s biggest hit shows, including THE ADAMS FAMILY, THE FULL MONTY,  URBAN COWBOY and THE RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR.   
  • ICELAND: THE FIRE WITHIN: an acclaimed video art installation, sponsored by the American Scandinavian Foundation premiered in 2014 at The Katonah Museum of Art, and was held over for 3 months at Scandinavia House, on Park Avenue in New York City.
  • THE OFFSHORE PIRATE, an Scott Fitzgerald short story adaptation, shot in the Cook Islands, starring the country’s indigenous people, was an official selection of the Hawaii Film Festival (HiFF).  The film was part of an cultural, training and outreach program for the local inhabitants of the Cook Islands.
  • HOBAS PIPE:  With a passion for civil engineering projects,  Eric has partnered with Houston TX based HOBAS PIPE to share stories of HOBAS PIPE’s ongoing projects that improve America’s infrastructure, nation wide.

A sufferer of dyslexia, Eric managed to overcome many early educational challenges and now mentors young people entering the field of filmmaking.  He teaches master classes in artistic filmmaking at various colleges and high schools.


40 Greenwich Ave.

Greenwich CT 06830